September 14th, 2013

Driving through the end of summer
The leaves begin to fall
Clouds are countless shades of grey
Hung on a sky blue wall

The kite it soars majestically
Quails and pheasants run
With only hedges left to hide
Now that harvest’s done

The smell of rich and dampened soil
Fills autumnal air
Squirrels, rabbits dart about
I see a distant hare

I wake to cooler mornings
The rising of the sun
Displaying beauty – glory!
A reflection of the One

Such amplitude, grandiosity
Stills the breath in me
It pulls the strings upon my heart
Brings me from reverie

Perhaps He’s not so far away
Perhaps He’s by my side
Perhaps He really cares for me
Perhaps I need not hide

Perhaps His arms are ’round me
Perhaps He holds me dear
Perhaps He’ll heal my brokenness
Perhaps He wipes my tears

Perhaps He holds me closer still
Perhaps my pain He knows
Perhaps He takes me by the hand
And never lets me go

Perhaps this change of season
Is a season of the heart
Perhaps this grief I’ll overcome
And not be torn apart

Perhaps in Him is victory
My spirit stirs within
Perhaps it’s not ‘perhaps’ at all
But certainty with Him

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