Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Date 2013 by IIFClaudelv

Vic established herself as the cool and calm girl in the now-defunct girl group Spice Girls. After all the whirlwind media on the alleged affair of David, one would expect Victoria to be a bit off celter. You will be very wrong! Victoria, The Survivor
Victoria Beckham is one of those celebrities that everybody both loves and hates. She added to the cool girl persona with her excellent taste in clothes. Even after the Spice Girls demise, Posh kept on shining in the limelight. She took it in her stride.

You are probably just being too hard on yourself. I’m at a loss for you not being able to make great outfits out of your pieces! You have all the basic color slacks, three basic suits, some fun skirts and a wide variety of tops that should look really well with your bottoms.

I am blown away by the sexy ladies who made the 50th Anniversary cover, what an honor. Congratulations to Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and Nina Agdal. The theme for the 50th cover was Past, Present and Future, as the ladies strip down to make for one amazing issue. Wow, this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue have finally been revealed!

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